Here are some popular questions we've previously answered.

We hope they help with any query you may have; if not please contact us directly or via our facebook page.

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Does my new mattress/headboard/base come with a guarantee?

Yes, all Factory Shop models carry a manufacturer’s guarantee. Airsprung is 1 year, Gainsborough is 5 years.

Are all the products new?

Yes all products are brand, spanking new.

Are Factory Shop models defective in any way, hence the lower price?

No, they are the same high quality as retail models.

Why are they cheaper?

We cut out the ‘middle-man’. That’s where the saving is made. We also keep the cost of delivery separate so you can clearly see everything.

Are they the same mattress models as I can buy on the High Street or online retailers?

Only the Airsprung models are unavailable elsewhere. We use overstocked or end of line materials to offer the special low prices.

Do you deliver?

Yes. These are the prices:
Divan only, mattress only: £70.80 per item (2-man delivery)
Divan + mattress: £82.80 per item (2-man delivery)
Headboard only: £26.40 (1-man delivery) 

Why do you charge for delivery?

We do this to keep our product prices as low as possible. Typically, companies who do offer free delivery tend to have higher prices for similar products. After all, the cost for the delivery has to be borne somewhere. We choose to itemise delivery separately which we hope is helpful. We use a carefully selected, reliable third party for all of our deliveries, and we do not make a profit for this service.

How quickly can you deliver?

Mattresses and divans take up to 20-25 consecutive days following receipt of order.
Headboards up to 9-11 consecutive days following receipt of order.

Do you offer credit?

No sorry, we do not offer credit.

Can I take away today?

We have plenty of products in the shop which are available to take away on the same day. So if it’s in stock, and you can fit it in your vehicle – of course you can take it away. The products available vary all the time so please come down and see what is available.

If I buy from the Trowbridge shop, will someone help me put it in my vehicle?

Yes, just ask and we’d be happy to oblige.

What if I change my mind after buying?

When you buy on line you won't have had the chance to try the mattress and that is why we offer a 14 day return. If you buy in store the rules are slightly different. When you buy from Trowbridge shop you will have the opportunity to try them out so we cannot offer a change of mind option. This obviously does not apply to any faults and your statutory rights are not affected.

Do you deliver to the room of my choice?

Our 2-man deliveries for mattresses and divan bases are to your room of choice, but we do not unpack or assemble. If headboard only is purchased, it would be a doorstep only delivery.

Will you take away my old bed, when you deliver my new one?

Sadly, at the moment we are unable to. It’s something we're hoping to do in the future. Check our facebook page for updates.

What if I’ve seen something previously that I want to buy, but it’s not there now?

Stock is offered on a ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone basis’, so the same models aren’t always available.

Can I buy it cheaper elsewhere?

Our Airsprung models are not available anywhere else as they are made to order for the factory shop. Some Gainsborough models may have been available in other stores. We do not price-match.

When it arrived, my mattress fabric looks different to the picture, is it the same quality?

Yes the quality is the same. We use overstocked or end-of-line materials to make the very most of our fabrics and avoid wastage/landfill. So where stated, fabric may vary to the image shown.

How often do you have Sales?

Occasionally – please check our facebook page for updates.

Is the Trowbridge shop open on Sundays?

No sorry, the shop opening hours are 10am-4pm Thursday & Friday, and 9am-4pm Saturday. Keep an eye on our facebook page for any updates.

Does the Trowbridge shop open at lunchtimes?

Yes it does, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. 

Do you have a brochure?

No, sorry we don’t have a brochure, as our stock varies regularly.

Are the mattresses made in the UK?

They are all made in our factory in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Who are the NBF?

The National Bed Federation is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers. They ensure that their members comply with all UK legislation. You should always buy from an NBF member for peace of mind.

My new mattress has a strong odour. I’m worried it’s harmful. Is it?

No don't worry, it's not harmful and perfectly normal. It tends to be most prevalent when a mattress has been vacuum-packed for transit. Once the packaging is removed, the residual odour (known as off-gassing) from the manufacturing process will normally dissipate within a few hours, but can take longer depending on the mattress composition. We suggest airing a new mattress for 24 hours.